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12 октября 21:55
Как эта худоногая шипилявая дура надоела! На кой хрен она нам нужна!Ведь есть достойные люди и эта прошма!Звезда!Скорее всего п......на худых тощих ножках!
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9 ноября 06:49
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16 ноября 07:00
Wow, hsnpoor. First, Sandy…now you? You guys are keeping this forum “prayed up”. 🙂 Praise the Lord that it was not major (although strokes—“mini” or not—are a big deal in my estimation), but your worry is certainly understandable, especially after enjoying good health all your life. Just a little reminder that these bodies are temporary, perishing day by day. I will certainly keep you in my prayers, dear sister. May the Lord’s healing hand rest upon you. I’m so thankful that you are well enough to join us again…and, yes, you were missed. 🙂 Be encouraged and stay in peace! <a href="http://www.neuestearmband.net/category/cartier-love-halskette-replik" >love halskette cartier replika</a> [url=http://www.neuestearmband.net/category/cartier-love-halskette-replik]love halskette cartier replika[/url]

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